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Sarah Fader: The Giant Slayer

Sarah Fader is no stranger to the ins and outs of racing. Whether as a team rider, team manager, or dedicated teammate, Sarah has seen and done it all. After managing the Pepper Palace Pro Women's team in 2015, Sarah has decided to tackle 2016 on her own. She will be traveling the new USA Pro Road Tour, challenging the giants of the women's peloton. We are incredibly proud to be partnering with her as she showcases our newest designs in the many downtown criteriums across America. 

We recently caught up with Sarah to talk about her past, present, and future with Panache.


This is your 1st year riding Panache apparel. Tell us a little about your history as a rider and how you arrived at Panache this year. 

In 2015 I managed and raced for a UCI professional team which was quite hectic. For 2016 I wanted to get back to the basics and step away from team racing and just focus on myself and my own goals for the year. This led me to seek companies who I personally aligned and products I really believed in. I looked to Panache because I loved to look of the kits and had heard great reviews about the fit and feel of the clothing. This component was especially important to me after having no choice what to wear for team clothing in the past and suffering through some pretty bad kits. I went into Panache, tried on a few kits was sold.


You’ve got a few races under your belt this year, tell us a little bit about how the season has been unfolding…

Racing solo this year, I picked my schedule mainly around the pro tour criteriums with a few road races splashed here and there. The first race, Sunny King went pretty well as I was able to land on the podium and score 2nd place. After nationals, the next focus will be the Wilmington Grand Prix.


You do quite a lot of racing. How do you balance life, motherhood, and training while also finding time to travel to these races?

Although I said I am racing without a team this year, I do have an entire team of people behind me that make it possible to do what I do. Thankfully my husband and I have both our parents here in the Boulder area and they provide a lot of support in helping watch the little one while I train and travel. It also helps that my Husband loves to ride as well so our "quality time" is usually spent on the bike.


If you didn’t ride bikes, what would you do to fill that time instead? 

Well, since moving to Colorado, I have taken up Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, Mountain biking, hiking and camping. So, I would imagine it would just be a lot more of that. 


Speaking of being a mother, can you tell us a few of your biggest challenges being an elite level racer and dedicated mother?

I think the hardest challenge learning there is no balance between the two. There are sacrifices you have to make on both ends of the spectrum and you have to be ok with that. On one hand you want to spend as much time as possible not being away from home which means sometimes scheduling flights the same day as a race, but you suffer a little as an athlete, but the reward is more time as home


A lot of Colorado racers take their nutrition on and off the bike very seriously… Do you have any go-to meals or snacks that you train with?

I am pretty normal when it comes to training and fueling. When I get to a race however I take it pretty seriously. Most people are surprised when I tell them I have a gel every 15 minutes of a crit. You would be surprised though how much difference a little sugar makes...



What’s one thing you never ride without?

Socks (Ed. Of course!)


Do you know any sweet tricks?

I am determined to learn how to do a wheelie by the end of this year. I let you know how it goes.


Lastly, tell us about a few of your goals for the 2016 season…

I am aiming at the the USA Pro Road Tour calendar and would like to come away with at least a few victories. 


Stay tuned to the Panache Journal to see how Sarah's season develops as she races her way across the USA Pro Road Tour!



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