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Fit Families Men's SS Super Light Jersey


Superlight Jersey

The Superlight Jersey is the best option for performance racing and training when the temps are high.

To provide maximum ventilation we researched and tested numerous cutting edge fabrics to find the best. We chose the Superlight fabric after riding many miles in the hot sun here in Boulder, Colorado and through R&D with ambassadors in Texas, New Mexico, and Southern California. Our Superlight fabric uses a production process similar to our Race Jersey, except we “weave” in some minimal thread surface areas, thus allowing the wind to reach the skin easily, thus providing some evaporative cooling.

Fitting Note: The Superlight Jersey is cut from the same pattern as the race jersey. However, due to the nature of the fabric that is used it is going to fit slightly loser than the superlight. Riders seeking the same (close-to body) fit as their race jersey may want to consider sizing down one size.

Size Chart